What is the Best Time to Buy Kitchen Cabinets to Save Money

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Have you always fantasized about renovating your kitchen cabinets, but you keep delaying this task? A remodeled kitchen can do great wonders for any home because it kicks up its property value. More than that, it makes the kitchen feel much better and useful for everyday life. However, kitchen cabinets are a costly investment. Thus, you have to be careful about the time you choose for the purchase and you need to confirm the best time to buy kitchen cabinets before buying it.

Late November and December is the best time to buy kitchen cabinets and replace them. The demand for contractors is low, so there is more room for negotiation. Holiday sales are an important factor that influences the rates as well, where you can expect to save 10-15% with some retailers on the cabinets.

You finally decided to spend on new cabinets this year because your old ones have completed their cycle and ran out. The reason for buying new cabinets could be anything. Maybe you just want to light up your kitchen space as you are bored with the current interiors.

However, the issue here is that kitchen cabinets tend to be kind of heavy on the pocket, which holds true for especially certain seasons. What are the important factors that can impact your decision? We will be talking about these factors and if there is the right time of the year. We will also include some smart shopping tips that can help you decide the time of purchase for these cabinets better.

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When To Buy Cabinets To Save Money

Here are some things that you can look out for before purchasing cabinets.

Thinkgs to check before buying cabinets and know the best time to buy kitchen cabinets
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  • Do Your Homework

Depending on the style and design you select, a new set of kitchen cabinets can give you a strong setback of thousands of dollars. So before you reach your final selection, take a look at a handful of home improvement stores, online surf retailers, and peruse catalogs so that you can explore your options better.

You have to finalize how much you want to spend, along with narrowing down a cabinet type. Whether the type is basic, midlevel, or premium, whatever you pick, it should be the best pick for your needs and budget. Remember, the more you lean towards a modern and intricate look, the more money you’ll have to spend.

  • Skip The Fancy Features

Do not go after fancy knobs, or glazing or glass doors unless you most definitely have to. Be prepared to spend a generous sum of money if you wish to add fancy features. If you are on a tight budget, stick to standard models to make your money stretch.

If you are finding it tough to afford a set of glass doors, just install what you can currently afford and get the fancy doors later after you save up. Inquire your dealer about adding the fancy knobs yourself. Reach out to big-box hardware stores as they sell these items at a much cheaper rate than a store that specializes in kitchen cabinet remodels.

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  • Weather Considerations

Remodeling your kitchen cabinets is something you can easily do at any time of the year. It doesn’t matter if it is the summer or winter season. However, the fact remains that most homeowners tend to remodel or replace kitchen cabinets during the slightly warmer season. It becomes much easier to search for dry surfaces and move around during this time. For this reason, you may find it quite tough to look for a contractor that won’t put your appointment on hold for weeks.

In this regard, you may say that the most suitable time of the year to remodel your kitchen cabinets can be during the cold season, which means late November or December. During these months, no homeowner is piling up to remodel, which may make your work easier to find a good contractor.

Moreover, you might end up with a contractor at a better deal with a reasonable price since the demand for them is not that high in the market anymore. This will give you a bit more room for negotiations and concessions, as contractors are actually very eager to strike a good deal in this season.

kitchen cabinets
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  • Cycling Around The Family Schedule

There is one more reason why November to December is the best time to start your remodeling project. Your kids are most likely to be off from school during this time because of vacations. There are many holidays during this season and finally, the winter vacations. Once they are in the house, you don’t have to constantly worry about going back and forth to pick and drop them from the school.

Your kids may even be on camping trips or visiting their grandparents, so why not utilize this golden time to renovate the kitchen while they are away. While the renovation work is in process, you can take some time off, deliver food, and enjoy some alone time with your partner.

November to December is possibly the time of the year when you are feeling the easiest because of fewer responsibilities. With a clear head, you can plan out the remodeling project in a much better way and give it the attention it requires.

You will have enough time to coordinate with your contractor, review the ongoing kitchen cabinet remodeling work, and generally stick around for any changes or improvements that you may want to suggest to the fixing team.

  • Installation Costs

As we mentioned earlier, the cost of cabinets isn’t the only thing you have to pay attention to on your budget. There are the installation fees, which include miscellaneous supplies and labor work. These charges will also feel heavy on the pocket because they account for a substantial amount.

Why did we include labor costs? Well, you will realize that a huge fraction of the cabinet replacement process will comprise of labor costs. The cost of labor can add up to more than 50 percent of the price that you will pay for a new set of kitchen cabinets.

installation costs of kitchen cabinets
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  • Buy Second-Hand Cabinets

You might be able to get your hands onto someone else’s scraps for a very minimal amount. If someone else is remodeling a kitchen and wants to give away the old cabinets that are in decent condition and they have been carefully removed, then it’s a good idea to give these cabinets a new home.

You can check second-hand home stores near your house or ask around your neighborhood. Many people also run online pages and websites to facilitate such buys.

  • Consider Medium Density Fiberboard Cabinets

You may go for 100 percent wood cabinets, but those cabinets that are made out of MDF are a more cost-efficient option. If you’re really on a tight budget, it’s the cheapest material you’re going to have for yourself. However, the drawback is the gradual decline in experience over time due to the inferior quality of the cabinet material.

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