Can I Buy And Install Seamless Gutter Myself?

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Seamless gutters are the most attractive gutters from their respective category. Different service providers are ready to help you out with the installation of seamless gutters, but if you are short on cash, can you purchase and install seamless gutters yourself?

You can purchase seamless gutters from the market and install them on your own. But installing a seamless gutter system has its perks; if you can handle these perks, you might be able to install them properly. Ensure to buy all the necessary tools and follow the appropriate installation steps for gutters.

Here is a detailed guide about the Seamless gutters that should help you in their installation. Also, follow some additional tips and avoid inevitable mistakes for flawless installation of the seamless gutter.

Things To Consider When Installing Seamless Gutters:

Installing seamless gutters might be easy, but it all depends on how you see things and how they work for you. To ensure you get a long-lasting foundation of your house, first of all, you must consider; purchasing and managing the necessary items for the easy gutter installation process:

All you need to have is a ladder, measuring tape, seamless gutters installation hacksaw, end caps, downspout outlets, gutter sealant, a drill machine, nails and hammer, hex screws, rivet gun and rivets, and Gutter flushing.

So, if any of these items are missing, you might face some unwanted difficulty and trouble during the installation procedure of seamless gutters. Therefore, it is essential to keep all of the above tools beforehand.

How Can You Install the Seamless Gutters: 

Many homeowners choose seamless gutters due to the clean and pleasing look they provide. If you are going to install them yourself, then it’s recommended to have one or two persons with you at the time of installation to help you in the process. Following are the simple, easy steps that you have to follow for installing the seamless gutters:

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Place the ladder:

First of all, place the ladder against your roof and climb up to where you will install your gutters, and check your roof fascia to see whether it is in the condition to support the new channels. If not, then change the fascia first.

Do The Measurements:

Measure the old gutters to have a better idea about the lengths of your new gutters and crop them accordingly. The gutters bigger or smaller than the previous size may cause you problems in their fitting. If you are installing new gutters and there were no previous gutters installed, it’s better to measure the sides of your house to have a better idea.

While measuring the length, always make sure that you mark on the 1/4 inch below the measuring tape at every 10 to 12 feet, as this will ensure you that your bending is at least 1/2 inch off every 10 feet.

Cut And Place Down The Gutters:

After measuring the gutters, it’s time to cut them to the metric sizes to their appropriate lengths. Determine where you want to put the downspouts and make sure that the exact measurement on your gutters is fitted perfectly.

Center down the downspout and trace it onto the seamless gutters. Cut the 1/16″ outside of the traced line and then drill 1/8″ holes into the outlet. Next is to lay down the gutter sealant around the opening and then attach and rivet it to the gutter. Next, install the end caps at the end of the gutters.

Start the Installation of Seamless Gutter:

Now start the installation process by linking them with the slope of the fascia and then fix them using a hex screw every two feet away so that the gutters get a grip on the roof tightly.

Next, it’s time to lift the gutter flashing underneath your shingles and nail it down with the help of a hammer. Attach the hangers to help you place the gutters in place, and then attach the downspouts.

Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Seamless Gutter:

If somehow you don’t want to hand over the installation process to any other person but are willing to do it on your own, here are some of the mistakes that you should avoid. So, you get the full potential benefits of the seamless gutters.

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Choosing the wrong type of gutter:

It is a common mistake that most house owners make, as every house is made differently and has its variant structure and foundation. Just like that, every gutter has its compatibility. At this moment, you have to decide what gutter type is best suitable for your specific home design to get maximum benefits from them. Out of most gutter types, the seamless gutters are compatible with almost all kinds of houses.

Choosing the Wrong Gutter Size: 

The second common mistake that some house owners make is choosing the wrong gutter size. The typical gutter system is 5 inches long and 6 inches wide, 3 or 4 inches in diameter. Still, it depends upon how much rainfall is getting on your roof or the rain condition in the area you live in.

Consider your local climate:

Not only the rainfall but the climate conditions are mandatory to be supervised. In cold winter, the gutters are frozen due to the low temperature. In such an area, you must install the gutters with a broader diameter. Otherwise, setting up of wrong diameters might create problems of blocking up the gutters due to extreme temperature conditions.

Spacing Gutter Hangers Too Far Apart:

When installing seamless gutters, make sure that you keep a minimum distance between the fascia and the gutters. Also, place the gutter hangers not so much far away; otherwise, the weightage of the gutter might cause them to sag around the corner of the roof or some other sides.

Incorrect Installation of Downspouts:

The downspouts are the main points of the gutters; if they are not appropriately installed, they might cause the rainwater to seep into the foundation of your house and make your home filled with water eventually. The downspouts should be directed away from your house, at least 10 feet away from the foundation of your house.

Rain Protection For Your Terrace:

Installing a gutter system is not only enough for your house, but you have to install a shade on your balcony to save your house’s foundation from the water. So, if you only install the gutter system, the downspouts will throw the water towards your home’s foundation, and a time will come that they will eat up the foundation, and your house will become unstable.


The seamless gutters provide a reliable and durable experience. It’s easy to install the system only if you have the proper knowledge and equipment. Otherwise, when done inappropriately, you might open up something harmful for you and your house structure instead of saving money.

A single person cannot install the gutter system, but at least three people are needed to perform this task. So, it’s always good to ask for professional services, and Remodart has been in the field for the past few years. Their satisfactory services will be enough to take you in confidence.



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