How to choose the best color for Vinyl Siding

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Devoting yourself to the colors of your home’s exteriors is a great way to increase the curb appeal of your home. Choosing the best color of vinyl siding for your home will have a great impact on how you feel about your home’s value. Most homeowners like vinyl siding as its color doesn’t fade or peel off easily (Learn more about the benefits of vinyl siding). 

Before selecting the color that’ll go on the siding of your house, you have to consider some key points as it is not as simple as it sounds. This guide will help you in screening out the colors that you think are a good candidate for your siding. Here are a few tips to choose the best color for vinyl siding. 

Tips to choose the best color for vinyl siding


  • Ask yourself –  Why are you installing vinyl siding on your home?


Before getting into the selection of colors, you should know that why are you installing vinyl siding on your home. It will help you screen out a lot of colors before seeing the palette. For example, if you’re redoing your siding, then your new siding must look like your old one. But if your house is new construction then you have various styles and colors to pick from. 


  • Where will the siding be installed?


You also have to consider which part of the house will this siding is going to cover? Will you install it around the whole house? Or will it cover the second floor? Or will it tuck the house from the sides only?

Knowing the place of installation will help you a lot in determining the best color for vinyl siding. For instance, if your siding is just an accent, choose the shades that best compliments your house’s dominant color. But if you’re planning to install the siding on the whole house, go with the color that best suits your style and personality. 


  • What are the colors of your house’s other exterior parts?


The color that you pick for the siding should also blend in with other exterior parts of your house like roof, windows, garage door, and front door. Make sure that none of the other colors clash with your choice of siding color. In order to do so, put samples of all the colors and make a visual representation of all the colors and see if they all blend in. Then you can move on towards the installation phase.

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  • Factor the size and architecture style of your house


It is a best-case practice to go for light colors in large houses and dark colors in small houses. Speaking about large houses, light color is more preferable because it neutralizes imposing features. On the other hand, dark colors could result in making initially unnoticeable features of a house more prominent. While in small houses light color is preferred because it gives a sense of more space and provides more room. 


  • Choose colors that fit in with your neighborhood


You can have a pretty good idea by just going around the neighborhood and observing the colors of the home that have the same architectural style as yours. It is great to have your home stand out in the neighborhood but it shouldn’t look out of the place either. Go with the basic theme as of your neighborhood and then add a bit elegant touch of a different shade that depicts your personality in it.

How to choose the best color for Vinyl Siding - Infographic
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Choosing the best color for vinyl siding may seem like a simple job to do. But one has to look for all these things in order to achieve what’s best for the house. The color should fit in with other exterior parts of the house as well it should blend in with the neighborhood. 

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