How To Roof A House With Architectural Shingles

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What are architectural roof shingles? What are their different types? How do they differ? Which architectural shingles provide the best look to homes? How To Roof A House With Architectural Shingles? In this guide, we will cover all these most common questions which pop up in our minds when we think about roofing a house.

As we all know that roofs provide not only protection but also insulation from heat and cold. They enhance the beauty of our homes and make them look complete and stylish. 

Things to keep in mind while making architectural roofs.

  • What is the climate of the area where you live?
  • How long do you intend to live in that particular home?
  • How much decoration can you afford?
  • What is the design of neighboring houses? 
  • What’s best according to the architectural design of your house.

What are the architectural shingles?

  • Shingles’ construction is very common these days. We connect two or more shingles and laminate them. 
  • Shingles were traditionally non-laminated. They were equally effective and provided excellent insulation and protection against wind and heavy blow. Like laminated architectural shingles, they were also accurately waterproof and resist water penetration which occurs due to rain. 
  • Nowadays, laminated shingles are architectural shingles because they provide an architectural look to the roof by means of individual shingle’s contour. It also provides dimensional thickness and cut. 
  • These architectural shingles provide a look of genuine cedar shakes that not only look impressive but also natural. It also gives the look of slate tiles with very little installation, weight, maintenance, and flammability worries. Flammability issues occur when we use real wood but in the case of architectural shingles, we are safe and secure. It also saves us from the heavy expenses of the original wood and other materials that we need to build a roof in an attractive way.


How To Roof A House With Architectural Shingles

  • Selection of Material and its Shades

Architectural Shingles are made from a fiberglass mat base with ceramic coated minerals. First of all, you have to buy the manufacturers’ lines of architectural shingles. These lines are available in a variety of colors but they are mostly preferred in a brownish shade. This is because we design them to mimic the original wood or natural slate tiles. That is why we prefer the brownish and wooden shades. Therefore, they are usually limited to the same color blends as different kinds of woods possess. The most common color blends available in the market are earthy or reddish browns, light and dark variations of grey to black. 

  • Making Cuts

The next step in order to Roof A House With Architectural Shingles is to make cuts. These cuts can be of various shapes and sizes. In most cases, people prefer straight cuts. Nowadays, angled cuts are also available that provide great diversity to architectural shingles. Usually, we observe that a straight cut enhances the perception of depth and the appearance of a shake or tile roof.

  • Insertion of Special Granules

We fit the special granules in the architectural shingles that inhibit the growth of blue-green algae colonies. This is a necessary step because algae can lead to discoloration of the roofs. They are very harmful and they can damage the whole environment. Their presence not only affects the apparent beauty but also destroys the quality of the architectural roof. Algae can also cause streaks in a roof. So the fitting of special granules is necessary. This fitting of granules is called performance collection. This blue-green algae resistance is necessary for areas where hailing and snowfalls occur. 

What are designer architectural laminated shingles?

 These are the luxury, highly designed architectural shingles which include ultimate, top architectural shingles. So it means if you want the premium quality of architectural shingles, you can simply ask the sellers to provide you with designer architectural laminated shingles. This premium collection most closely resembles wooden shades. It provides a smaller range of color blends because of high precision and accuracy. This is the most attractive, advanced, and eye-catching type of architectural shingles. 

There are further different quality and design ranges in this kind of architectural shingles. Some consist of two and some consist of three layers of laminated shingles. The three-layered shingles provide extra thickness and weight. This actually provides great cushioning power against the impact of hail. We make these designer architectural laminated shingles to create an in-demand, heavy, and exceptional look of the homes – a great choice for estate homes.  They enhance the beauty of the home whether it is rustic, contemporary, or urban chic.

Advantages of Architectural Shingles

  • They are very ideal if you are intended to live in your home for a long period of time These shingles will provide superior weather resistance and a solid long-term value for the cost.
  • A potential to boost the resale value of your house, so if you want to live for a smaller period in your house, they are still ideal. 
  • It provides a better curb appeal as compared to other kinds of shingles.
  • They have a longer manufacturer warranty.
  • These architectural shingles also provide better resistance to hail and wind impacts. 
  • They include protection against algae stains. 


The use of architectural shingles is ideal in making roofs nowadays. Architectural shingles are by far a superior product to older 3-Tab shingles. I am not gonna say they are cost-saving but they do provide a 12 to 15 years warranty. In some cases, very expensive architectural shingles provide a lifetime warranty.  So in my opinion, it’s better to use high-quality architectural shingles so as to get better resistance and enhanced beauty. Even if they are costly, they do provide you with lamination and attraction. 

To get these beautiful architectural shingles installed on your house, make sure to get in touch with the best industry experts who have been building and renovating spacings since 1998.


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