Pros and cons of sliding windows

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There are a lot of different options available for windows in the market these days. But sliding windows are one of the most common of all. If we look back a few years, there was timber that was used as the main material to build windows and to hold the glass.

But now, sliding windows use aluminum as the track to slide along. If it were timber the material would’ve easily worn off and it would be impossible to slide. If you are confused that which window style would be best suitable for your home, this guide will address all the pros and cons of the sliding windows. 

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Here are some pros and cons of using sliding windows.

Pros of Sliding Windows

Wide Space: Sliding windows offer much larger window space. Which in turn lets more light into the house and allows the flow of cool breeze in the summer. If you have a lawn up front, these windows can also offer a nice vista. 

Easy to handle: Sliding windows are easy to handle as they don’t require much effort to open and close. On the other hand, it is quite difficult to open other kinds of windows. 

Different Sizes Available: These windows come with a variety of sizes. You can get almost any size; large, small, wide, high.

Easy Lock Mechanism: Locks on these windows are easy to handle and quite secure.

Ease of cleaning: As sliding windows are just a simple wide plane, they are quite easy to handle. You can clean the glass as well as the siding with a typical cleaning solution. 

No Maintenance: No maintenance like painting is required for the parts surrounding the glass.

Perks of aluminum as a base: As aluminum doesn’t warp, so the sliding never sticks which provides ease in handling.

Consume less space: Sliding windows don’t take much space, just the space equal to the wall.  Whereas other designs, awning or hopper windows extends on the outside of the wall. 

Cost-Effective: They are cheaper than some other designs of the windows.

Cons of Sliding Windows

 Don’t shut properly: Sliding windows do not seal properly when shut. Mainly there is a tiny gap between the center seam of the window that lets the cool breeze in which is quite disturbing in winters.

The windows rattle: As there is a tiny gap in the center and the windows don’t close properly. So the windows always rattle whenever there is a heavy breeze outside. Besides that, a truck roaring on the street can also cause the windows to shake. 

Limited Color Options: There is a limited number of color options available for sliding windows. Silver, brown, and green are the most commonly available colors. Anyhow, these colors do a great job suiting with different coloring schemes in the house. 

Catches Dust: The sliding slot usually catches dust and it requires constant cleaning which can be a bit tiring.


Pros Cons
Wide Space Don’t shut properly
Easy to handle The windows rattle
Different Sizes Available Limited Color Options
Easy Lock Mechanism Catches Dust
Consume less space


It is important to note that these pros and cons are discussed for the sliding windows with aluminum surrounds. Personally, I think it is a great choice for hot areas and in those homes who have a lawn upfront or some other kind of beautiful view as it offers wide space. If you are looking for the installment of these windows, check out this guide on how to choose your remodeling contractor.




  1. Afton Jackson

    The part of your article that mentioned how sliding windows can allow for more natural light and wind really helped to read. We’ve been trying to rely less on our HVAC system ever since we started working from home, so having some windows that accommodate this can really help us out. If I can find a window service in the area that does replacements, I’ll definitely make sure I ask for some sliding windows.


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