What Questions to Ask a Roofer Before Hiring in 2021

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So you’ve ignored the falling shingles off your roof for as long as it is safely possible. And now is the time to narrow down and hire a qualified roofer carefully. What questions should you ask a roofer before hiring? In this blog, I am going to help you draft questions to ask before hiring a roofer. We will help you formulate a checklist for hiring a roofing contractor complete with interview questions for roofers.

Hiring a roofer is expensive, and if done incorrectly, the whole roofing can flip into a disaster. Being vigilant before assigning anyone or any company to the job is our best bet. I am going to talk about the kind of questions you should ask before hiring a roofer.

Top 6 questions to ask your roofing contractor
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1.  How Experienced Are You?


Ask your contractor how long they’ve been working in the industry and how long since they’ve established a company, this is a pretty simple question, and contractors should not hesitate before giving you an adequate answer. Typically, contractors with an experience of more than five years are ideal.


2.  Are You Licensed And Insured?


No doubt, this is one of the most important questions to ask a roofer. Is the person even qualified to be working on your roof? Also, any worker needs to be insured just in case he gets injured while doing your work; his insurance protects you from any liability. Uninsured workers could end up costing you a pretty penny, so it’s better to be careful.

Look up the necessary licensing requirements in your area so that you have a fair idea of the licensing the job requires. And always check the legal documents!


3.  Do You Use Roofing Subcontractors?


Some contractors will use subcontractors to handle roofing work. Ask your contractor if they use subcontractors for your work. If your contractor does, then get verification if the subcontractor workers have workman’s compensation and general liability insurance.

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If your contractor is using subcontractors, you might want to grab a waiver that protects you in case the contractor doesn’t pay his subcontractors.


4.  Will You Remove The Old Roof?


It is very unsafe to install a new roof over an old roof. One of the things to consider when replacing a roof is to ask whether the old roof will get checked. If your contractor declines to check the attic, then you shouldn’t hire him! If the roof does not get inspected for any worn out shingles, rotten wood, this will potentially add up in your future bills and will become an additional hefty fine. Make sure your contractor agrees to remove and thoroughly inspect your old roof first.


5.  How Much Will New Plywood Cost?


You will need to have a fair cost estimate of the costs so that you don’t end up with a hefty bill. A good question to ask a contractor is his cost estimate. Your contractor should be able to give you an average cost estimate upon inspection.

Ask contractors if they would mail you the cost estimate. Cost estimates are a great way to get an average idea of market costs. Be wary of a too low-cost approximation.


6.  Will You Install A Drip Edge?


Some contractors cut costs by skipping this step; drip edges are essential to help divert rainwater off from your roof and into the gutters. Drip edges prevent water from staying in and accumulating in one place.

No drip edges can be an expensive fix and can permanently damage the roofing you’ve gotten done. Be sure to clear this out with your roofer before handing him the contract.


7.  How Will You Protect The Gutters?


An easy way to identify whether your contractors’ experience is by seeing how the contractor works around gutters. A good company will always have precautions and tips and tricks down their sleeve to save the drains from damage.


8.  Will There Be A Warranty?


Good contractors will not hesitate to hand out warranties for their services. Professional contracting companies have a proper, formulated workflow and plan that they discuss with you before starting any work.


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A typical good roof with good quality shingles should have a warranty of 25 years. If a contracting company tries to hand you a guarantee for a period lesser than that, then you should look for another company.


9.  Will You Bring A Container For Waste Material?


Professional services do not leave your home looking like it got hit by a tornado. Any company you hire should bring a container for holding the refuse material. You are paying for the complete service, so you should not be the one to be dealing with the mess the service causes.


10. What Do You Plan For Rainy Days?


Rainy days are a reality, and they do happen while construction activities are taking place. A good question to ask your roofer is to ask your contractor about the contingency planning he has in place for when it starts to rain while the construction is underway. Typically covering the worksite with a sheet of plastic is good enough to do the trick.


11. How Will You Protect My Garden During The Process?


While dealing with roofing contractors, it is necessary to be vigilant. Inexperienced contractors tend to ruin the property surrounding the repair area. Good contractors will have plans to save your space from damage.

Ask any contractor you interview about how he will work around your garden and driveway to make sure there is minimal damage, also ask him to outline the equipment he will be using to ensure that.


12. Do You Provide A Written Cost Estimate?


This step is essential. People need to know the estimated cost beforehand before signing up for a project. Know the things to ask when getting roofing quotes. Often the price hikes up uncontrollably, and whatever you’re getting renovated ends up being at a much higher rate than that you initially imagined.

Before signing any contract, have a detailed estimate of the costs and the roofing plan.

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13. Will You Be Using Ladder Stabilizers And Standoffs To Protect The Gutters?


More often than not, many firms do not use ladder stabilizers, and this ends up causing much damage to the gutters. Ladder stabilizers are like big arms that rest on the roof or the side of the roof. Stabilizers help keep the weight of your drain and leaves your gutter unharmed at the end of the remodeling project.


14. Do You Have A Physical Address?


A physical address near your home is essential. Make sure your roofing contractors are in your area so that they can come and go promptly from your place in case there is an emergency.

Search for ‘roofing contractors near me.’ If you live in Massachusetts or Westborough, look for roofing contractors in Massachusetts and roofing contractors in Westborough.


15. How Will You Protect My Driveway?


Often in renovations, contractors end up damaging the surroundings. Professional workers are experienced and know how to get the job done with minimal and no damage to your property.


16. Can You Provide Me A List Of References?


Good contractors will have no problems in recommending a few clients that they’ve worked for previously. Roofing contractors in your area will be able to refer to you to their local clients.

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Asking for previous clients’ contacts and calling the past clients up for reviews and referrals will give you peace of mind, and you will also know what to expect.


17. How Long Do You Think This Project Will Take?


Ask your contractor for a properly planned project with milestones and make sure that he doesn’t refer to a random date in the calendar. A plan will help you ensure that the project stays on track and gets done as soon as possible.




Additional questions you could ask are:

  1. How many projects do you have currently?
  2. Will you take care of the permit process?
  3. Who will take care of the material costs?
  4. Do you have an after-service report?
  5. Do you have a customer service portal?
  6. Will you provide a detailed contract agreement?
  7. Do you hold a current and updated license?
  8. What is the process for filing a warranty claim?
  9. Whom do I contact throughout the project?
  10. What are the qualifications and experiences of the workers?
  11. How many hours will you spend on my project every day?
  12. Do you provide advisory services?
  13. What is the average cost of roof removal?
  14. What is your legal business name?
  15. Will you be coming inside the house to inspect the attic?
  16. Is the company bonded?
  17. Will you clean up any mess right away?
  18. Are there any nearby projects that you can survey?
  19. What are the terms and modes of payment?
  20. Can you recommend any roofing contractors near me?
  21. How long have your workers been trained?
  22. Is there going to be a maintenance plan after the job completes?
  23. Do you provide material recommendations based on the type of roof?
  24. What guarantee do I have that you will complete the job?
  25. If the payment is not at completion, what is the installment system for payouts?
  26. Can you walk me through how you’re going to get the project done?
  27. Can you provide me a detailed plan of the project in two days?
  28. Do you have a portfolio that I can view?
  29. Will you carry out roofing considering the weather at my location all year round?
  30. Can you provide me with details about your insurer?
  31. Do you have an installation manual that I can download and use?
  32. How much square foot of plywood will you use?
  33. What is a better business bureau association?


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