5 Major Reasons to Replace Flooring Before Selling a House

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Many people are skeptical about which repairs and replacements to make before putting their estate on the market. If you plan to sell your house, it is a good idea to review your flooring and what condition it might be in.

It is a good idea to replace flooring before selling a house! It helps improve the look of the house entirely, which can further help with market value and the kind of offers you get for the house. You can improve the level of comfort the house offers with just replacing the flooring!

There is actually a lot more to floor remodeling. In fact, certain types of remodeling can help with improving the market value of your home even more.


What Kind of Flooring Increases Home Value?

It is actually true, and there are certain kinds of floors that buyers are looking for when it comes to stability, comfort, and longevity. Many popular realtors like Ryan Cave state that hardwood flooring is very popular amongst buyers.

There are actually studies to back up this data! In 2013 a study done by the national association of realtors revealed the more than half (54%) of buyers were willing to pay more for homes with hardwood flooring.

It is considered one of the most popular and reliable options to attract buyers, especially when it comes to the kitchen, lounge, and bedroom flooring.

Apart from hardwood, many people are now interested in a modern-rustic look that can be achieved by getting engineered wooden flooring as well. It gives a rustic look that makes the house has a contemporary aesthetic.

5 Major Reasons to Replace Flooring Before Selling a House
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5 Major Reasons to Replace Flooring Before Selling a House

Floor remodeling can always help, whether you plan to sell your house or not. It can help to achieve a new look, refresh your home, and, overall, can improve its value as well.

People re-think remodeling floors due to the cost involved; however, it can very well be done within a budget.

On average, remodeling costs anywhere around $1 to $7 per square foot. If you want to upgrade it completely to hardwood flooring, then the cost can go up to the $2 to $8 range.

Overall, it has a higher return on investment (ROI) as it significantly improves the look and use of your house.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider replacing your flooring.


1. Insulation

If you live in a cooler region, then the warmth is essential to your home. When people think of insulation, they often think of roofing or wall structures; however, many insulation options can be implemented within the flooring.

Carpeting tiled areas are actually a great option when it comes to warming up the house. However, Carpets can get dirty after a year or so, which is why it can be harder to maintain. This is why it is recommended to go for wooden flooring.

It instantly warms up the room! Wood as a material is long-lasting and reliable, in addition to being a good insulator. It helps stabilize the room’s temperature, and it is highly recommended for cooler regions.

Another option is installing heated floors! It might seem like a luxurious option, but it actually is just a one-time cost.

It can really help with bathrooms or even kitchens. People often buy heating mats that can go upto $1500 that can help maintain the temperature.

If you plan to remodel, heated flooring is another great option to explore in terms of temperature control and insulation. The floors work just like any other heater in the room and have a thermostat and timer so you can warm your floor up any time.

This option is also recommended if you have a lot of kids in the house, who tend to play and run around on the floors.

Insulation on flooring
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2. Repair and Maintenence

Many people think repairing flooring can do the job instead of replacing it entirely, but that is actually disadvantageous.

Flooring takes the most damage when it comes to your home structures. There can be swollen wood, water damage, scratches, stains, and a lot more.

Repairing every square inch is not as feasible nor cost-efficient. It is better to replace the flooring and add in a new one when the damages get beyond repair.

If you are opting for carpeting, most carpets only last somewhere between 5 to 15 years at max, after which they too need replacing.

You cannot always clean out the stains as it can have multiple signs of discoloration, bleaching, and still not give you a good as a new look.

Moreover, there are a lot of aspects to think of if you are choosing between repair or replacement. The buildup of stains, pet urine, water, drinks, food can eventually lead to floors having mold, allergens, and can become a health hazard.

Carpets alone can become lob sided as they tend to shed their padding after wear and tear.


3. Change up the Aesthetic: A Modern Look

If you have an older house or its original flooring, then it might be time to change up the look. Flooring can make a massive difference in how your house looks.

If you are looking for a quick update, without having to re-structure the house completely, then replacing the flooring is highly recommended.

There many options out there in the market that can give you that contemporary look you are looking for. You can opt for engineered wood, perennial hardwood, and neutral tones.

It gives a homey feel and can accent furniture a lot more. Other options can include muted tiling, vinyl, and laminate.

Change up the Aesthetic: A Modern Look
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4. Get Rid Of Mold and Allergens

Over time, flooring can take in a lot of wear and tear. If you have pets or children in the house, then the buildup of spillage, excretions, food, and more can take a toll on your flooring.

This not only ruins the look of your floor, but can also potentially lead to mold, fungi, mites, and allergens.

Floors can very easily become health hazards if not taken care of. People with dust allergies and asthma should immediately consider replacing floors.

It can also stunt the market value of your house since mold and allergens are a huge NO when it comes to real estate.


5. Get More Market Value

One of the major reasons you should consider replacing your flooring entirely is the Return on investment.

If you are planning to sell the house in the near future, then investing your money into replacing the flooring can help boost its market value.

Some good hardwood floors can definitely catch the buyer’s eye and make a major difference in the money offered for the house.

You can also start with replacing the carpeting, but an even better option is to install hardwood floors. More people are looking for a modern-chic look in houses, which is why hardwood makes for a brilliant option. Other options include faux wood, pure wood, and laminate.

Get More Market Value
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It is always a good option to replace the flooring of a house before putting it on the market. Instead of having to invest in restructuring it completely, small replacements can do the job perfectly.

It increases marketing value, and is definitely something buyers look for when it comes to getting the perfect home!

You can contact a contractor right way to discuss your options as well as budgetary concerns.


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