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A building is always incomplete without roofing, as it is the top covering of a building. It provides protection against wind, rain, sunlight, snow, and extremes of temperature. A roof is a part of a building’s envelope which often provides an extra living space like a roof garden.

Further, the characteristics of a roof depend on the purpose of the building it covers. There are personnel’s who are responsible for installing this roof on buildings. A roofer, roofing contractor or roofing mechanic, specializes in roof construction. A roofer repair replaces and installs a roof on a building using a variety of materials. These materials can include shingles, metal, and bitumen.


When you talk about roofing, the word “shingle” isn’t far-fetched. Roof shingles bring about a series of individual lapping components. These components lay together in rows starting at the bottom edge of the roof. This helps to repel water, snow, and ice. Besides helping to repel water, roof shingles serve other functional purposes.

  • Roof shingles affect the look – the type of shingle you choose will influence the style of your house
  • Roof shingle affects utilities – the color of shingle you use as well as the material make a difference. The use of lighter colors helps to repel sunlight, thereby making for a cooler home.
  • Roof shingles affect durability – consider the type and quality of material you use to roof. The use of cheap shingles will deteriorate your house over time

The type or style of shingle you use has a significant impact on the value of your home, as it brings about the purpose above. If you are thinking about building a house, it is vital to know the types of roof shingles available.




  1. 3 Tab Roof Shingle: This type of roofing is often known as “asphalt shingle.” 3-tab roof shingle provides a typical rectangular shingle look which is easy to install.
  1. Wood Roof Shingle: This is a popular roof shingle as it has been in use for centuries as a roofing option. They are two main types of wood roof shingle which are wood shingle and wood shakes.
  1. Metal Roofing: In metal roofing, the primary material used is either aluminum or coated steel. Standing seam roof is the most common style used by a roofing contractor for metal roofing.
  1. Solar Roof Shingle: In the past solar panels were mounted on the roof till the innovation of solar roof shingles. Solar roof shingle is thin film photovoltaic cells. They transform sunlight into electricity that you can use to power your home.


Roofs with time tend to deter which causes issues for your home. Let us look at some problems that you need to be aware of before replacing your roof.


  • Cracks – you need to remove roof shingles if you notice cracks.
  • Wind Damage – this can cause lifted shingles that happen when the sealant or nails get loosened. This cause a replacement of the roof
  • Exposed Nails – exposed nails can rust and thereby lead to a leaky roof
  • Leakage – leakage can lead to structural damage if not determined on time.


  1. Fitting a new roof is an expensive and essential home improvement project t do as a homeowner. Whether you need a fast repair or a full replacement, you need a trustworthy roofing contractor. Here are some tips to help you find reputable roofing companies
    1. Talk to Many Contractors
    2. Analyze Credentials
    3. Check References and skills
    4. Study the Contract and Warranties

    Want to install a new roof exterior? Why not use one of the best roofing contractors available? Remodart is one of the best leading roofing companies, which provides high-quality finish roofing services.


  1. Remove Old Roofing: If you had some old roofing on your house, you’d need to remove the old roof before placing the new materials. Most time roofing contractors install many layers of roofing over one another.
  2. Test The Roof: When done removing the old roof, check the sheathing. Sheathing comprises of flat panels which provide structural support. And also a base on which roofing materials gets attached.
  3. Put On a Drip Edge: The drip edge goes in two ways down the roofing installation. It goes under the underlayment on the lower part of the roof and goes on after at the sides of the roof. Install the metal drip along the bottom edge of your home over the top of ice and water barriers.

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