9 Signs That Will Tell You It Is Time To Renovate Your Bathroom

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Getting the bathroom renovated can be stressful for many homeowners. It’s a challenging task, especially for new house owners who don’t have the slightest clue of where to start from and you don’t know either that how often should you renovate your bathroom?. You have to take care of several things that may directly or indirectly hint towards the bathroom’s renovation. Taking an experts’ help, we have compiled for you nine of the most common signs that everyone should look out for if they are interested in renovating their bathrooms. If you don’t vibe with the look of your bathroom anymore, then it’s time for a renovation.

The functionality is an important determining factor for the time period of when the renovation should happen. Sometimes people run out of storage space inside the bathroom, which gives them a clear idea for starting the renovation program. Poorly installed fixtures are also a reason behind renovating the bathroom.

Based on how much time we spend in our bathrooms, we can all agree that they don’t get enough attention. When you go out for house hunting, you may focus on the kitchen cabinets or the size of the walk-in closet, but if you come across a truly amazing bathroom, there is a high chance that it stays on your mind.

Whether you’re considering to give your house a makeover to increase its value for sale, or just planning to give your bathroom an update, here are nine important signs that will help you figure out when it’s time to start with the renovation project.

8 Signs That Will Tell You It Is Time To Renovate Your Bathroom
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1. The Bathroom Layout Isn’t Functional

If you’ve ever stepped into an illogically planned bathroom, then you must know what we are talking about. It’s just the features in the bathroom that aren’t put together well, which gives an absurd feeling.

If you have had to deal with a poorly designed bathroom, then you know big of a pain it can be. While there’s no bathroom layout that can be right for you, it’s recommended that you put the most used features of your bathroom in the easiest to reach places.

It’s also recommended that your try to install every placement against the wall so that you can leave as much space as possible on the ground. It may be tough to believe, but even a small bathroom can feel spacious if it’s done in the right way.

If you feel that living with a poorly planned bathroom layout is getting tougher for you to manage, then stop right away. Going for renovation can increase your property’s value, and it will also assist you in finding some inner peace.


2. There Is A Lack Of Storage Space

The bathroom is not always the first place many of us think of when writing a list of rooms that need enough storage space. However, it’s a very important aspect for those to consider who has a cupboard-less bathroom. Lack of storage space inside the bathroom can contribute towards making you go for a remodel.

Once you have enough storage space, you won’t have to stack your towels anymore on the back of the toilet. You won’t have to invest extra money into caddies to hold your valuables. Therefore, the perfect bathroom provides you with the opportunity to add ample storage space while also giving you more room to breathe.

  • In the Shower

Storage is limited in almost every bathroom. A built-in shower is often mandatory. You can slot one between the studs, or you can invest in a precast niche to tile over. You have to make sure that the fitting is big enough to hold all of your necessary shower products.

  • In the Vanity

You can pick between two options when it comes to vanity. Either get a custom vanity, where you’ll be able to select materials that can easily thrive in high-moisture levels, or you can go for a store-bought vanity to save yourself from a headache.

However, a smart idea is to not rip up the pipes if you don’t have to. Especially if you’re on a budget, try to opt for a vanity that will work well with the existing plumbing inside your bathroom.

  • On Your Walls

There’s a lot you can do with the walls in your bathroom. Place floating shelves, a big mirror cabinet, several towel racks and hooks, and a built-in linen closet. If you combine these factors, they play a huge role, but you can make the best choice depending on your style and the space you have.


3. You Want To Increase Your Property’s Value

As mentioned above, renovating your bathroom can increase your property’s value. You may not think seriously about the state your master bathroom is in, but when you go out to sell your house, buyers will notice it. You may notice how some even deter because they simply don’t have enough time and money to put into a bathroom renovation project.

A bathroom remodeling project could enhance the home’s value by more than $10,000! Whether you’re planning to sell your property or not, being prepared is always a decent idea.

There are certain things that you can invest in that will give your property an easy kick.

  • Curtains
  • Glass Doors
  • No Doors (going doorless! Choose waterproof surfaces along with a central drain, and you won’t have to worry about water splashing around)

increases your property value if you renovate your bathroom
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4. You’ve Outgrown The Bathroom Space

Once your family starts to grow, what you considered once to be a “charming,” “cozy” bathroom may turn into a cramped and foul boxing arena. Sharing a bathroom with anyone can be tough, and the more people you add to it, the worse the situation can get. It makes it difficult to get everyone ready on time if the bathroom gets too busy early in the morning.

A bathroom expansion and renovation is a great way to find some peace amidst chaotic family times. Opt for a remodel so that you can add more functional space and create a freer space to move around in your bathroom.


5. You Want To Enhance The Aesthetic Appeal

Old homes can hold a lot of charm, but they can also seem awful in appearance. Old-style linoleum may not look the same anymore as it did a few years ago. Generally, bathrooms are the last rooms to go for an update, but once you update a bathroom, you will notice that it makes the biggest difference.

If you’re considering going for some updates to your house, begin with the main rooms where you spend the most time in, especially the bathroom. You will notice that changing even a single fixture can change the feel of the whole space drastically.


6. The Plumbing Is About To Give Up

Many professionals refer to the plumbing as being the “glue” that holds the bathroom together. It keeps everything sailing smoothly. When the plumbing starts to decline, you might not notice it right away.

However, once plumbing goes bad, things can get really nasty. If you aren’t fully aware of your plumbing status, then you could be preparing yourself for a disaster on your hands. You have to make sure that plumbing is up-to-date from major flooding cases to ruined walls and electrical safety issues.

And the last thing you have to take care of is to make sure your shower has the right fixtures installed. Besides having standard faucets, drawer handles, and showerheads, you can add various other things to make your bathroom space more useful and interesting.

the Plumbing Is About To Give Up
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7. You Have To Install Safety Features

There comes an important time in everyone’s lives when installing safety features becomes a necessity so they can prevent getting hurt. Adding handlebars in the shower or railings by the toilet, safety upgrades like these can create a much comfortable bathroom space for everyone.

Safety upgrades aren’t just for the seniors in your house. If a person is living in a house with old fittings, you may be missing out on grounded electrical outlets. Since this offers a health hazard, the situation needs to be addressed.

Without having the proper safety features in place, you may end up with a hefty medical bill on your side. Therefore, it’s wise not to put off taking precautionary measures. Always make sure that having all the appropriate safety measures in check is on your list.


8. The Tile Is Worn Out

Over time you’ll notice that the tiles in your bathroom will lose their touch. It’s just something that is bound to happen. Everyday wear or just simply chips and damage caused by children will cause your tiles’ overall look and appeal to go down.

Make good use of this opportunity to find a tile that doesn’t only suit your bathroom’s new look but also something you have always wanted. Pick something that you find attractive but also has loads of strength and durability.

Moreover, updating the tiles in your bathroom space can increase your property’s value and give your floors a new life.


9. You Aren’t Very Energy Efficient

There have been several advancements in technology that work towards making your home more energy-efficient than before. From lighting fixtures and electric supplies to water usage, simple and quick updates can do great wonders when it comes to saving money and decreasing your environmental footprint.

If you think it’s time to make a switch to more energy-efficient substitutes, then there’s no need to wait. The money you’ll save with these replacements, in the long run, may just be worth the cost.


Things To Take Care Of While Renovating Your Bathroom

There are several things that you need to take care of while renovating your bathroom and those are listed here.

1. Renovating The Whole Bathroom In One Go – Yes or No?

Now, this heavily depends on the budget you are willing to spare for bathroom replacement. You have to go over many things while renovating a bathroom—fixtures, countertops, sink, a commode seat, bidet, showers, tubs, etc. Even the tiles on the floors and walls will be heavy on the pocket when you go out to search for something.

You have to choose to keep your budget in mind to determine the extent of the renovation you want to start with. It’s obviously a better idea to get done with everything in one go, but you have to be mindful of not spending too much.

renovate your bathroom
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2.  Preparing Your House For Bathroom Renovation

Before the renovation team arrives at your doorstep, make sure you have done your homework. This is one of the main steps that a homeowner has to take care of.

Homeowners have to remove blinds or curtains from the bathrooms so that the renovation team can proceed with their duties easily. You also have to reduce clutter and give a freer workspace to the team by removing your belongings such as shampoos, liquids, etc. from the bathroom space.

You also have to make sure that you empty the room or at least cover the furniture inside the room where the renovation is taking place. The process of renovation is rather dusty and often creates a mess. You don’t want dirt to pile up on your lush cushions or the crevices of your wooden table. So this is something that you have to take care of while preparing your environment for a smooth process.

Bonus tip: Here’s something that not many will tell you – relax! Let the renovation team take over and make the whole process of getting a pretty new bathroom a fun experience for yourself. You can choose to relax on your couch and observe the process, or you can just go out and run errands while the renovation team does their job.


3. Installing Outlets

Imagine you reach the end of your renovation project and realize that you’ve forgotten to consider the outlets? Yikes, doesn’t sound too nice.

Think through these outlet errors before you begin so you can avoid making them. If you plug in your hairdryer across the room, you have to place the mirror so that it is still accessible even from a distance. If you have an electric toothbrush that needs charging at all times, then you have to install an outlet in the medicine cabinet to keep things running. If you share your bathroom with your spouse, then you have to install an outlet on both sides of the vanity.


4. The Lighting

Bad lighting can bring down an otherwise beautiful bathroom. If you have low or dark lighting, it can make seeing yourself in the mirror tough. However, extremely bright lighting coupled with vanity bulbs maybe wasteful and often conducive to your overall view. You can turn things around with a remodel by adding dimmers and directional vanity lighting to your bathroom space.

You might also have a glass block inside your bathroom, which can be used to filter natural lighting into the room while also maintaining privacy. Nowadays, this glass block has been replaced with a window film on the existing windows, which gives a more sophisticated look.



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