14 Things To Consider When Replacing A Roof

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Of course, everyone wants the best for their homes. But it’s not really easy to determine how to select the most appealing option available among the various choices. For instance, are you aware of the numerous factors that have to be taken into consideration while replacing a roof?

We don’t need to elaborate on the consequences of damaged roofs. Roofs are subjected to rigorous conditions and wear and tear. Most people leave the whole thing on roofing contractors. The result? The final product has no similarity to their expectations.

Naturally, you will have to contact a roofing contractor if you want to replace the roof. However, before you do so, ensure that you know everything about the whole process. This will make things a whole lot easier for you in the long run.

When To Get A Roof Replacement?

First things first, it’s imperative to realize when is the right time to replace a roof. After all, you wouldn’t want to invest so much in something that could have been delayed for years, right? So here are some signs that should alert you that the time has come for a new roof to be installed.

  • The roof hasn’t been replaced for more than 20 years
  • You have noticed water leaking into the building
  • The roof is carrying visible signs of damage or cracks
  • Sagging
  • Growth of mold or moss in the building or roofing material
  • A recent spike in energy bills is an indication that the roof is no longer energy efficient.

When To Get A Roof Replacement
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14 Things to Consider When Replacing a Roof

So you have now decided that it’s time to install a new roof. How should you begin? Interestingly, this is where most people get stuck. Let’s tackle every step that will come in handy and make the replacement of the roof a smooth process for you.

1. The Look You Want To Go For

Who doesn’t want their house to look aesthetically pleasing? Since you are getting a new roof, wouldn’t it make sense to get something that will enhance the value of your property? Before you approach a contractor, you have to be clear about the kind of look you want the roof to have.

Think about how the existing roof can be replaced. Do you want improved ventilation? Or maybe install low-maintenance gutters. You can also incorporate an airtight chimney into the design. There’s so much you can do while replacing the roof. So make sure that you are well aware of your options and requirements. You can then select the roof design that fulfills your needs to perfection.

Of course, while visualizing the roof design, you have to think long-term. For instance, it helps if you know the benefits of corrugated roofing sheets. Roof replacement is quite a hassle. Surely you wouldn’t want to go through the whole process frequently. So select a design that will be suited to your weather condition and last for years to come.

2. Know More About The Roofing Process

How will you ensure whether things are progressing as per your requirements if you can’t make head or tail of it? You have to make decisions while hiring a roofing contractor. And it wouldn’t help if you remain lost and confused during the whole thing.

So it’s best to do a bit of research and get yourself acquainted with the normal roofing process and the steps involved. This will be sufficient to let you know that things are indeed moving in the right direction.

3. Select The Roofing Material

Here’s where things start getting a bit tricky. There are plenty of roofing materials to choose from. And this makes the selection challenging. So many new materials are now used for roofing that weren’t even considered years ago.

Yes, traditional singles are still popular, but many other materials have also made a mark. You have to ensure that you consider all the options before deciding on the best roofing material for your building. Here are some of the most common choices you will be presented with.

  • Asphalt composition shingles: being readily available, this one is quite an affordable option. But it has a flat appearance which doesn’t really deliver the best in terms of aesthetics.
  • Wood shakes or shingles: this is an attractive roofing option though a bit pricey. It is highly durable too. But the material isn’t the best choice for buildings or regions with fire danger.
  • Metal Roofing: more and more people are now inclined to having steel and aluminum roofing because of their durability and features. While this might seem expensive, it’s actually a cost-effective option in the long run.
  • Slate roofing: this is among the most expensive options. While it’s really attractive, it can be a challenge to repair it when the need arises.
  • Composition slate: recycled materials are used for making these synthetic slights. They are light and durable, not to mention environment-friendly.

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4. Budget matters

Of course, there’s a limit to how much you are willing to spend on roofing. It’s best to do a bit of research and set a realistic budget for the project. This will ensure that you aren’t taken by surprise in the end.

Everything contributes to the overall cost of roof replacement. This includes the material you select, the contractor you hire, the roof area, design, and so much more. This should give you a rough idea of how much the materials would cost you.

5. When To Get The Roofing Done?

You have to determine the ideal time to get a roofing team on board. Typically, the roofing season is when contractors are most in demand. It’s not surprising that they charge the most during this period too.

So if you are keen on saving a bit of money, you can hire a skilled roofing contractor during the off-season periods. You can then make the most of the low prices they offer. The dry periods undoubtedly give you much-needed concession on the overall charges.  Of course, that doesn’t imply that you decide to get the roofing done during the rainy season.

6. Quality Is Vital

Yes, you have to keep your budget in check. But under no circumstances should you make any compromises on quality.

It isn’t uncommon for people to be tempted to settle for the first contractor who offers them a low price. But here’s what you need to keep in mind. The future of your building is at stake. Skimping on the roof is never going to benefit you. There’s a reason that so many people shop for the roofing materials themselves because they want to ensure that only the best is used for their property.

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7. Inquire About Roof Removal

While replacing the roof, you primarily have two options. You can either peel off the existing layer or go for layering on it. It’s best to be clear about the plan of action your roofing contractor has in mind. The noteworthy point is that, as per the building code, roofs can’t have more than two shingle layers.

Applying a second layer of shingles o the roof puts it under significant stress, which naturally isn’t the ideal situation. Therefore, it’s best to peel off the old layer before new shingles are installed. Yes, you can go for layering if you are low on budget or don’t have enough time for the project. But don’t forget that it’s in the best interests of your building if the original layer is taken off, particularly if you live in an area with high winds.

There’s more. If you reside in a cold region, you should peel off the old roof to put in a water shield. This is a rubber membrane that minimizes the risk of leaks even in the presence of ice buildup.

It’s quite a challenge to peel off the old roofing. So you will need to hire a thorough professional and competent roofing contractor. Knowing more about his plan of action to deal with the old roof will clarify if he is indeed someone you can entrust the job too.

8. Don’t Forget About The Roof Frame.

It’s best to give your roof frame a thorough inspection when you decide to replace the roof. Most people take a look at the plywood supporting the roof only when they encounter leaks. But this approach can pave the way for problems.

Take a close look at the roof frame. In case the sheathing appears soft, broken, or disintegrating, consider it a red herring. The roof frame too has to be replaced instantly. Timely detection of the leak in the roof frame can do wonders for prolonging the life of the roof. The chances of encountering a severe link will also be reduced.

9. How Will The Waste Material Be Disposed Of?

Don’t forget about the refuse material while replacing the roof. You should know how the refuse material is going to be removed from the site. Typically, the roofing contractor uses a container to store all the material.

In this case, inquire about where the container will be placed. This will alert you if you need to be worried about any potential damages to your property.

old roof replacement
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10. Selecting The Right Roofing Contractor Is Mandatory

It isn’t unheard of for people to replace their roofs themselves. But it’s quite a lot of work, and if the roof isn’t installed correctly, you will have to bear heavy losses. So if you haven’t dealt with such tasks before, it’s best to let a professional roofing company take over.

Allot adequate time to planning. Make sure that you inquire about the various roofing companies in your area. Get a quote from all of them and find out if they will be able to install the type of roof you have in mind.

Don’t assume that all roofing companies are the same. Indeed, there are some that don’t work with unconventional materials or even rubber and concrete tiles. And not every contractor can work with architectural shingles.

Roofing companies typically don’t have to worry about customer satisfaction since no one goes for roof installation now and then. But that does not imply that you settle for the first roofing company to offer you low bids. This could indicate that they have hired low-wage workers, which will compromise the quality of work.

Shop around and weigh all your options. Take references from those around and don’t forget to check the website to find more information about the company.

11. Read All The Terms And Conditions Thoroughly

This might seem like a lot of work but is of utmost importance. Once you have zeroed in the roofing contractor, you should make it a point to read the contract carefully.

Ensure that the contract has all the details, including the products to be used and the overall cost of replacement. Don’t hesitate to ask if anything seems amiss. Furthermore, ensure that the contract adheres to the building code of your region. The company should have proper permits and insurance too.

12. The Warranty Of Roofing Materials Matters Too

Ideally, you should have two warranties on the new roof, one offered by the manufacturer and the other by the contractor. The contractor warranty should cover every issue that might crop up due to improper installation.

It’s vital that you read the manufacturer’s warranty carefully. Usually, manufacturers offer a limited lifetime warranty with the limitations varying as per the manufacturer. A full lifetime warranty is provided at an additional cost.

However, these warranties can also be used if your contractor is certified to use the product and installs the system as per the guidelines. So it’s imperative that your roofing contractor has all the proper licensing and certification.

rooding materials on the roof for roof replacement
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13. Prepare For The Noise

Once everything falls into place, the replacement will begin, but it’s not going to be a smooth ride. Things will get loud during the process. There’s no way to avoid this.

So make sure that you let the occupants know about the expected disturbance so that they can prepare accordingly.

14. Avoid Paying Until The Final Nail Is Removed

There’s no reason to pay until your project is completed as per your satisfaction. The peeling off of the old roof leaves thousands of nails on your site. These can be a source of injury and accidents.

Roofing companies have the equipment to pick up the nails in an instant. So make sure that your roofing contractor doesn’t skip this step before making the final payment.

Do What’s Best For Your Roof

Roof replacement and installation is undoubtedly a complicated task. You wouldn’t want to indulge in it too frequently. So it’s imperative that things are done the right way the first time around. It might take you a long time to find the right roofing contractor, but the results will make it worth it.

Remodart is one place that wouldn’t let you down in this regard. We have vast experience with roofing and can work with every material efficiently. We will ensure that you get the best possible services and that too at affordable rates.

Make sure that you pay heed to all the relevant factors, and you wouldn’t have to worry about your roof condition anytime soon!



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