What Is Cedar Impressions Siding, and How Much Does It Cost?

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Cedar impressions siding is one of the essential items one might need while building up a house. No matter what the location is_in front of a lake, a river, or in front of a mountain, you can install cedar impression siding to enhance the house’s beauty. So, what Cedar impression siding is? How much does it cost?

Cedar impressions siding is made up of fiber and mimics natural cedar wood sidings. These are much more cost-effective and require low maintenance than natural cedar wood sidings. The price might range from $5 to $8 per square foot.

To better understand how to make your house even more attractive with cedar impression sidings, let’s discover the in-depth details about Cedar impressions and how many types are offered?

What are Cedar Impressions Siding?

Cedarwood is used on the roofs, inside the houses, and exterior sides to achieve an attractive look. While the natural wood is costly, also it wears and tears and requires high maintenance; the Cedar impression sidings, on the other hand, are made up of fiber which has a typical impression of the natural cedarwood. Thus, making it comparatively more cost-effective, user-friendly, and has zero to less maintenance setting.

Types of Cedar Impressions Siding:

Cedar impression sidings are being offered in various textures, having several different materials and different styles.

Straight edge perfection siding:

This type of impression siding is very much standard and is also very readily available in the market at an affordable price range. This type of siding has a straight rectangular shape that is easily adjustable and offers a variety of colors. It reflects the beautiful impression of cedarwood as if it is freshly crafted.

Sawmill shingles:

The crafting of sawmill shingles resembles the blade of a sawmill. They are most commonly offered in the red color, which is the color of cedar wood at some point in its life. The sawmill shingle sidings require low maintenance and are very much cost-effective. They provide a look of natural cedarwood. Also, they come with a lifetime warranty with an easy-to-install option.

Straight edge sawmill shingle:

These shingles provide a look of an edge of a sawmill having a sawmill texture on it with the shape of a saw blade and splitting tool. These also display a look of natural cedarwood but share a longer life span. Also, the maintenance required is zero to very much low.

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Straight edge rough-split:

The straight edge rough-split sidings have a grainy texture of cedarwood, providing a vibrant look to the house when installed. These have a random wood grain pattern with a light texture of cedarwood, best suitable for a traditional home, a farmhouse, or a contemporary house. You can get these sidings in many different colors.

The staggered perfection:

Like the beautiful view surrounding the house, the house’s exterior matters a lot for a graceful look; the cedar impression sidings having a style of staggering perfection provide a glimpse of harmony. In this style, the wood pattern is staggered unevenly across the siding to give a rough look.

The scallop or the octagon style:

In this style, the print of cedarwood is in such a way that it provides a scallop outlook. Also, you can craft an octagon shape through natural wood and place it on the siding in a three-dimensional pattern. This type of cedar impression siding has a high price as compared to the other impression sidings.

Are Cedar Impressions Better Than Natural Wood Sidings?

If talking about the price factor and the maintenance factor, then Cedar impressions are better as they require low maintenance, and you can install them in one-third of the price of the natural wood. Still, if it’s about durability and reliability, then the natural cedar wood is much more durable and reliable than the impression siding.

But, when comparing the Cedar impressions siding to the other materials used for the sidings, these are also very durable and dependable.

The Advantages Of Cedar Impressions Siding:

Using the natural cedar wood sidings might seem exciting and much more appealing than any other synthetic replacement. Still, these synthetic copies of the natural cedar wood sidings have many advantages that even the original ones might not offer. Some of them are as follows:

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The first-ever benefit of cedar impressions siding is that they are very much cost-effective than natural wood. They require almost one-third of the price of a natural wood siding for the same size.  With this price range, they are entirely able to deliver vibrancy and charm to the house and are not behind the natural wood sidings, which is a perfect thing for people seeking budget-friendly siding.

Minimal maintenance:

Unlike the actual wood sidings, the synthetic impressions siding does not wear and tear with the weather; they require handy maintenance, making them long-lasting and user-friendly.

Highly durable:

The cedar impressions siding material consists of synthetic fiber, making them less prone to harsh weather and other external damages or breakages. So you get to live in a house that looks beautiful and simultaneously reliable. Also, with proper material installation, you feel relaxed about its maintenance and do not have to change the sidings for at least five years.

Ease of Customization:

Unlike the natural wood sidings, cedar impressions sidings have a variety of rigid materials used to produce these sidings and color options available in the market. Being this versatile and having numerous customization options, most people prefer them for their houses.

The Cost Of Cedar Impressions Siding:

The cedar impression sidings are much more cost-effective than any other sidings available in the market right now. The average cost of cedar impression siding ranges from $5 to $8, depending upon the material used and the style used for the impression siding.


Cedar impression siding is the best available option for people looking for a beautiful look of cedarwood on the sidings of their house in a comparatively low price range than any other material used for the siding of a house.  Also, the impression sidings are available in many different styles and patterns, allowing the consumer to choose from various available offerings.

To avail, the best offers for the installation of cedar impressions siding, Remodart is here to provide you with their exceptional services. It brings ease in the installation projects and maintenance of the exterior and interior of your house at a very affordable price range and with updated equipment in a short time.



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