What is GAF’s Lifetime Roofing System? A Detailed Review

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The high-quality installation of a roofing system is one of the vital steps towards the protection of your home from heat and cold. However, with plenty of roofing brands around it is vital to discover if they are GAF-licensed and what is GAF’s Lifetime Roofing system?

The GAF’s lifetime roofing system comes with a visionary project of protecting your homes with an extraordinary appealing outlook. The GAF-certified roofing contractors are trained for installing cost-effective protective underlayment, roof deck covering, and roofing shingles. 

Here is a list of six components that are manufactured by GAF to ensure effective installation of a lifetime roofing system:

Leak Barriers For Roof Deck and Shingles Protection:

The GAF-certified roofing contractor prefers to install leak barriers as one of the beneficial services for keeping the roof deck dry and home insulations safe from getting wet.

The underlayment ensures to protect the sensitive entrances like a chimney, plumbing vents, and skylights from getting leaked. Thus, GAF gives you a choice of two types of leak barriers that prevent the degradation of roof shingles caused by wind-driven rains.

  • WeatherWatch– underlayment has a granule surface for protecting both metal and asphalt shingle roofs.
  • StormGuard– underlayment has a film surface for protecting asphalt roof shingles.

What is GAF’s Lifetime Roofing System
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Roof Deck Protection For Escaping Moisture:

The GAF’s roof deck protection is another most essential item for adding stability in the installation of a lifetime roofing system. They are placed on the roofing deck to enhance the escaping of moisture from the attic and safeguard shingles and roof deck from heavy rainstorms.

It singles out due to its flatter outlook and 100% waterproof feature. The GAF provides a premium range of breathable deck protectors with a credible collection of UV-stabilized polypropylene. The roof deck layering is either fiberglass-reinforced or possesses fire-resistant variants, which are as follows:

  • Deck ArmorTiger Paw
  • Felt Buster
  • Shingle-Mate
  • Versa-Shield
  • Roof-Pro

Cobra Attic Ventilation To Restore Fresh Air:

North America’s GAF manufacturers have taken into account Cobra Attic Ventilation as one of the most vital considerations when installing a lifetime roofing system.

This effective approach of functional ventilation thus shares efficient energy for keeping the attics air-conditioned in summer and recovers the thermal storage and moisture build-up in winter.

The GAF-trained roofing contractor ensures to uniformly install the Intake Vents and Exhaust Ridge Vents for their proper functioning. Some other types of Cobra Attic Ventilation used by our roofing contractors include:

  • Power Vents
  • Gable Wall and Circular Louvers
  • Foundation Vents
  • Safety Caps for Chimneys

Hip and Ridge Cap Shingles:

The GAF’s lifetime roofing system offers hip and ridge cap shingles to add versatility and durability to its roofing protection with multilayered technique. The roofing contractor ensures to use their artistic capabilities while layering the Hip and Ridge Shingles for providing an aesthetic finishing.

The most cost-effective way for installing a high-quality lifetime roofing system is by selecting standard variant shingles as compared to 3-tab shingles. However, GAF also provides premium products for a three-dimensional architectural style.

The product lineup of hip and ridge cap shingles that our roofing contractors usually favors for a protective lifetime roofing system is as follows:

  • Seal-A-Ridge: This is the most often used Shingle with a high-quality design for all types of roofing systems and has a 100% protection guarantee from getting wet.
  • Seal-A-Ridge ArmorShield: It uses SBS-modified hip and ridge shingles that work as armor for protection against wind-driven rain and extreme sunny weather.
  • Z Ridge: If you are looking for a thick wood shake design the Z-Ridge shingle is a perfect choice.
  • Timbertex: For full proof protection of roofing it is best to opt for Timbertex shingles as it adds protective layering to sensitive areas and protects them from getting leaked.
  • TimberCrest: It covers SBS-modified ridge cap shingles and adds diversity to your replaced roofing. With the following roofing Shingles, all the critical areas are protected effectively.
  • Ridglass: This high-quality ridge cap shingle has a well-constructed style with a heavily layered edge that adds stability and a stylish outlook to your installation of a lifetime roofing system.

hip and ridge cap shingles
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Starter Strip Shingles:

The GAF’s lifetime roofing system is recognized by their installation of high-quality starter strip Shingles that comes with remarkable adhesive feature. It helps in effective locking of the roofing Shingle and prevents them from blowing off by the swift wind.

The starter strip shingles are designed with perforated holes and save from irrelevant working during the installation of the roofing process. With Starter Strip Shingles you get a perfect deal of placing new shingles over old ones during the installation of new roofing.

The roofing contractor uses the following Shingles product line created by GAF that also offers a peel-and-stick starter roll:

  • WeatherBlocker
  • Pro-Start
  • QuickStart
  • StarterMatch

Lifetime Roofing Shingles:

The GAF has set up a well-constructed installation of lifetime roofing shingles in contrast to shingle racking. Their roofing shingle products are manufactured based on their customers’ architectural design.

The reasons why GAF-certified roofing contractors prevent handling of shingle racking method is as follows:

The installation of three-tab shingles enhances the color variation of shingles and can cause its breakage.

The racking method leaves the fasteners unattached and can result in blowing off the shingles during the heavy breeze.

In cold weather, the bending of shingles during the installation of roofing systems usually leads to their breaking.

Thus, the GAF lifetime roofing system offers a more reliable technique with placing the full shingle in a horizontal coverage. Moreover, their product variety is divided into three categories and goes with the design of their customer requirements.

  • Three-Tab Roofing Shingles: This covers starter shingle roofing for American-designed homes and offers a reasonable deal.
  • Timberline Roofing Shingles: The shingles come with a lifetime warranty and have a best-selling feature that is mostly installed in architecturally designed homes.
  • Designer Roofing Shingles: It holds an extensive collection of designer shingles that can go along with your budget and favorite texture.


To sum up, GAF Roofing coordinates with reliable roofing contractors to offer their extensive product services. They have a wide range of high-quality components that are manufactured for the protection of roof decks and shingles from getting wet or dry.

The first vital step is to place leak barriers to prevent the accumulation of moisture between the roofing deck and Shingle. Next, the roofing contractors trained by GAF opt for roof deck protection with UV-stabilized polypropylene made from fiber-glass or fire-resistant variants.

Our roofing contracts also use Cobra Attic Ventilation System to ensure the attic remains air-conditioned during harsh weather. Moreover, Hip and Ridge Shingles are preferred for giving a layered texture to the roofing system to protect sensitive leaking areas.

The ridge shingles are handled with great care by our roofing contractors to provide a stable lifetime roofing system with an architectural outlook. Another remarkable component is Starter Strip Shingle that is used for its high-quality adhesive features and prevents the shingled from blowing off due to winds.

Lastly, GAF provides a collection of lifetime roofing systems with plenty of architectural designs. They ensure a lifetime warranty of more than 20 years and help you create an energy-effective environment at your home.



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